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Data Acquisition 


Gippsland Data Acqusition Take Your Business to Higher Grounds while saving time and increasing safety

Gippsland Data Acquisition's Drone-powered routine inspections and safety monitoring improve efficiency without halting operations or compromising personnel safety

Gippsland Data Acquisition Assist in Disaster Response

Flying over obstacles and hazards gains the power of perspective, allowing care to be immediately deployed.  Why wait for a disaster to occur, we will plan and be proactive along side you right now.

Leak Detection and Repair 

Gippsland Data Acquisition can Identify leakages quickly and accurately using drones equipped with specialized sensors, keeping personnel safe and enabling timely decision making.

Asset Digitization

Gippsland Data Acquisition Significantly reduce operational costs by creating 2D and 3D models to digitize assets, enabling automated site management and maintanence.

We  deploy drones to reduce or eliminate human entry into hazardous spaces.

Prevent risks and improve efficiency by visualizing inspection results while storing data locally.


Search and Rescue

Gippsland Data Acquisition can efficiently scan vast areas and pinpoint missing individuals thanks to high-resolution digital and thermal cameras, day and night operations.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Our team provides support along with advise. While each use case presents unique factors to consider, we evaluate each client’s individual needs to drive impactful results.

we pride ourselves on operating to the highest ethical, safety and regulatory standards and are committed to making a positive contribution to all the organisations in which we partner.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Combined Aviation Experience


Year of combined RPAS experience

Gippsland Data Acquisition offers Forefront technology in drone operations, imagery and modeling. Asset management and updates are easily achieved with images, video 2D, 3D models and Instant live feed via secure password access.
Web-based editing tools are available for sharing, collaboration, project management and decision making.
Standard photo and video formats for analysis and presentation.
Start-to-end value-added services for new projects and maintenance programs. for applications including

Oil and gas.
Electrical power grids
Solar and wind farms
Telecommunication towers
Inspections for ongoing and preventative maintenance
Building safety
Roads and railways
Forestry industry
Agricultural industry
Public safety, post-disaster and HAZMAT management

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